Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Color Run Recap

 The Color Run was so much fun!!!!! The best 5k I've ran in my life. It was funny because even though it was such a lax race, pulling up into the parking lot made a lot of Cross Country/Track race days flood back into my memories and I got race day anxiety for a just a quick second. Yuck!

To recap, The Color Run is a 5k run that supports the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Charity. Every 1k, you get splashed with a color and in the end, you are all covered! David tried to dodge every color...of course. But in the end, there's no way to escape it!

If you missed out, sign up for the one in SD in November. Gives you and your friends a reason to take a trip down there and explore for a weekend :)

Thanks Angela, David, Sam, Tim, Aussie, Michelle, Chuck and Frank.
We made some good memories!
Until next year!

P.S. The pictures that are blurry are due to my ziplock packaging protection :)

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