Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Would, If I Could

I've been obsessing over these two things that make for a $455 outfit. A girl could dream!

Dress: Zara

The Color Run Recap

 The Color Run was so much fun!!!!! The best 5k I've ran in my life. It was funny because even though it was such a lax race, pulling up into the parking lot made a lot of Cross Country/Track race days flood back into my memories and I got race day anxiety for a just a quick second. Yuck!

To recap, The Color Run is a 5k run that supports the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Charity. Every 1k, you get splashed with a color and in the end, you are all covered! David tried to dodge every color...of course. But in the end, there's no way to escape it!

If you missed out, sign up for the one in SD in November. Gives you and your friends a reason to take a trip down there and explore for a weekend :)

Thanks Angela, David, Sam, Tim, Aussie, Michelle, Chuck and Frank.
We made some good memories!
Until next year!

P.S. The pictures that are blurry are due to my ziplock packaging protection :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sara Bareilles

My good friend, Grace and I were "studying" (aka talking about life and everything about it) one night. We brought up the fact that we wanted to go to Coachella (hehe) and music festivals and concerts after realizing that we like the same kind of music. Then it dawned on us that we really could! We started looking up artists and shows and a couple weeks later, our dreams came true...
all thanks to Sara Bareilles! A great artist, by the way. I was so starstruck.
Her show was actually a benefit concert for All Hands volunteers who dedicated their time and money to support Japan and their tsunami relief.  The show started off with a 30-min documentary of her time there. Though her team was just a few for a couple of days, that's all it takes to make a difference. It's hard to grasp the totality of disaster when you're miles away but it's true, the disaster has happened and still exists, affecting many today. 

Click here to find out more about All Hands.

Thank you Sara Bareilles, for the good music and inspiration!
& Grace Kim, for being a good good friend in my life! :')

P.S. A video from that night. Don't mind the tone deaf singing from me :)

Cirque du Soleil: OVO

Before watching the show (that David surprised me with!) we ate at Sugarfish
It was so yum.
The show!
I love me some day-old kettle corn from the Pier.
I had no idea that the show was in town (Santa Monica). I never even thought of watching it! But it was quite amazing and such a nice surprise. Thanks (despite our one week detour...)! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Just random things.
Found here.
My boyf always says I have too many "things". 
I can't help it. Things are just too cool. I like things.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I want to sit at the feet of the one that I love.
Want to stay in Your presence, it's where I belong. 

Hide me under the shadow of Your wings, God.
It's the safest place.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Poladroid Fun

Create Polaroid pictures for free with Poladroid!
It's so addicting! Technology is kind of the best.